Prepare for the unknown

Assess your organisations readiness for the challenges of change or interruption.
Change can be unpredictable, so being able to assess a situation and act instantly is becoming a core competency of any business.

Health organisations, in particular, need to be ready to adjust and adapt under any circumstance.  Maintaining practices, offices and hospital operations, to provide care to patients and our wider communities when it is most needed.

This is challenging, and while parts of your organisation may be ready to respond others may need to make some adjustments.  And, a time of rapid change or crisis is not the best time to create a plan to adapt.

At a glance
Full picture
Understand the current state and any business continuity concerns.
Identify gaps
Identify gaps in existing plans, particularly in areas such as operational processes and technical efficiency.
Receive recommendations for both quick wins and long term improvements.
Future proof
Help prepare for future, unforeseen events across people, process and technology.
Core components

Our Business Continuity Planning (BCP)  Readiness Session for Cloud provides an independent assessment of your current state business continuity capabilities and operational requirements.

The session is designed to provide a sanity check of where you’re at and what you need to do to be prepared for any situation that may be on the horizon. Rather than provide a whole end-to-end business continuity assessment—it focuses on core IT systems and infrastructure and creates a plan for your organisation to respond to change and not worry about the wheelhouse of your operation during a crisis.

By combining best practices developed by Spark Health, and incorporating industry best practice guidance from the leading public cloud vendors, the workshop enables organisations to either review and improve all or part of an existing business continuity plan or provide the foundation for the creation of a new plan.

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