Identify issues early

Providing continuous management and support to prevent issues becoming large scale problems.
Nothing is more important than effectively managing your patients and helping them to recover as quickly as possible—better still stopping issues before they present is even more desirable. The same goes for your cloud management.

We provide ongoing management and support for cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. With multiple levels to choose from and customisable add on’s, we cover everything from monitoring, alerting and threshold management to service activation, trend analysis, optimisation and automation to drive efficiency.

But, to thrive in the future state and to focus on innovation, health organisations are turning to an entirely new category of managed services that enable optimal visibility of and control over service management, compliance, and cost management in the cloud.

At a glance
Custom cloud services
Structured managed cloud services with customisation options
Monitoring and alerting
Continuous monitoring and alerting of out-of-compliance situations with executive and operational dashboards
Better understanding and ability to optimise costs based on objective and experienced analysis
Our service options
Or unique offerings enhance visibility and enforces compliance on your cloud

With an unprecedented focus on the return on every health dollar and increased attacks on and security we have introduced managed cloud control options namely Continuous Compliance and Continuous Cost Control.

Continuous Compliance

Provides continuous monitoring of over 1,500 technical and process-based IT compliance, corporate governance and regulatory compliance controls including NIST, HIPAA and NZISM. The service provides organisational visibility and real-time alerting for governance, risk, and compliance information for your cloud environments.

Continuous Compliance is actively maintained against up-to-date policies and regulations to ensure that you, your team, your stakeholders and your auditors can be confident that your systems are secure (and documented as such).

Continuous Cost Control

Provides end-to-end visibility of your cloud costs, as well as detailed analysis and recommendations for reducing your cloud costs. The service provides an organisational view of all costs associated with your cloud through one easy-to-use and customisable dashboard. We can offer the expertise to identify and execute proven cost saving opportunities and application tagging and mapping of actual spend, enabling application or project owner accountability.

Once implemented, business event monitoring and alerting enables your team to find costs anomalies and remediate issues before costs skyrocket. The service ensures that you operate within your envelope, can allocate costs to their relevant owner and can adequately forecast costs into the future.

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