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Generate, collect, analyse and transmit healthcare data to build the full patient profile, from monitoring through to medications.
As people have started to use fitness trackers and wearables to measure physical activity and monitor health vitals, healthcare providers have started to look at ways of leveraging these technologies and the data they capture to build the use of data into the care they provide.

Connecting these devices to a healthcare providers network through the internet, creates what is being called the Internet of Medical Things. This IoMT can be used to generate, collect, analyse and transmit healthcare data, regularly and consistently.

With these capabilities, IoMT tools are rapidly changing the way health care is delivered, playing a central role in tracking and preventing chronic illnesses — and they’re poised to evolve the future of care in all aspects from monitoring to medications.

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IoT solutions
Choose from an ecosystem of IoT solutions to suit your needs including devices, platforms, networks and analytics.
Network coverage
Our 3G and 4G networks reach 97.5% of New Zealanders
5G network
5G rolling out nationally throughout 2020 & 2021
Long-range coverage
Long-range wide area network available in metro areas with affordable options to extend coverage
IoMT Networks
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We recognise the benefits that IoMT can deliver to the patient and the provider in three key areas:


Clinicians and patients can access patient information in real time. For example, insurers can access data more quickly, improving claim response times and accuracy. Historical data is more readily available to clinicians for identifying trends and in depth analysis.

Improved efficiency

Improved access to information reduces wait times for patients resulting in improved patient care and experience.

Lower Costs

Enabling faster access to data reduces the time needed for diagnosis and treatment. Most importantly remote monitoring lets doctors detect and treat issues before they become more serious and need hospital attention.

Benefits of IoMT

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