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We have some of the best digital health and technology experts in Aotearoa. We work with health providers to build a digital nervous system for their business, equipping them to lead New Zealand toward a healthy future.

Get your foundations right

Build a roadmap for your business to ready your people, processes, and technology for cloud transformation.

By combining our local experience with proven global expertise, we accelerate cloud and business transformation for the New Zealand health sector.

Cloud is seen as a disruptive technology in most sectors, but in the health sector its more than a just a term.  We see it as a tool to accelerate you and your team to a future way of working, where patients are at the centre, information flows freely and funding is maximised to focus on patient care.

To enjoy the successes and transformation that cloud technology offers; people and processes need to align with the changes that you want to create. Spark Health help to get the foundations right and can support your organisation to address this through our Transformation Program.

The Spark Health Transformation Programme evaluates your organisation and identifies maturity gaps, to build a roadmap that  will prepare your people, processes, and technology for organisation wide cloud transformation and more importantly the benefits that it can deliver.

  • Dont just operate on the cloud - innovate in the cloud
  • Objective, fact-based assessment covering people, process, & technology
  • Step-by-step technology roadmap
  • Actionable future state objectives
  • Build a detailed framework focused on your needs and objectives
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Our many offerings enables you to tailor a roadmap to your specific needs
Successful cloud adoption in health

Successful cloud adoption in health, where legacy systems and  processes to support them are common, requires current roles to be enhanced with new methodologies such as cloud operations, infrastructure and security automation, and cloud security operations. Processes, standards and guidelines will need adapting and new management tools and technologies will be needed to support this new way of working.

We leverage our proven Cloud Maturity Framework to analyse your ‘maturity’ across many core aspects and detail the activities necessary to achieve the desired maturity level. This also ensures a smooth transition of key governance roles to your team ultimately leading to the establishment of a Cloud Business Office. This sets up your organisation for success whilst significantly reducing risks.

We don’t just prepare you to move to the cloud but far more importantly we help to prepare you and your organisation to innovate on the cloud.

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