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Take control of your information with our independent review tailored for the health sector.
Our cloud experts and deep health sector knowledge will either keep you or get you on the right track!

So, you’ve built some services in the cloud or realised that other teams within your organisation have without you knowing. Perhaps there have been some issues with costs blowing out or there may have been some ‘lost’ information. Either way, we’re here to help.

Our cloud architecture review enables your organisation to take control of your public cloud by employing an independent, agnostic review based on the health sector and GCDO best practice of your cloud implementation.

At a glance
Quick wins
Identify operational and technical quick wins and longer term gains
Focus Areas
Provide areas of focus as part of a remedial roadmap
Best practices
Embrace best practices to improve management and reduce risk
Core components

Delivering distinct actions and real results across three areas:

This review provides an independent assessment of your Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud environments. Supported by our health sector expertise and vendor knowledge.

Given the pressures across the health sector, at both at a government and commercial level, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your cloud environment is ‘fit for purpose’, to ensure the architecture and security meet your business needs, but more importantly, to make sure that you only spend what you need to.


Review your cloud architecture, focusing on health specific security and privacy controls, design, usage and costs by applying our industry best practices and principles combined with platform specific guidance.


Identify operational and technical efficiency gains through interactive interviews and leveraging public cloud assessment tools and methodologies. We also review cloud utilisation and expenditure, identifying opportunities for cost to be optimised and/or areas of overspend.


Provide a formal report and presentation outlining prioritised recommendations and actionable insights including a customised remedial roadmap for success by optimising cost, mitigating risk and improving quality and performance.

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