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We have some of the best digital health and technology experts in Aotearoa. We work with health providers to build a digital nervous system for their business, equipping them to lead New Zealand toward a healthy future.

Design your future workplace

Centralise information, reduce reliance on paper and improve knowledge sharing with our digital workplace solutions.
Spark Health's digital workplace solutions infuse collaboration, team work, remote working and innovation into the DNA of your organisation. We see four key areas that can deliver real benefits to health care in New Zealand:

Centralised Information Access

On average, workers spend up to 1.8 hours every day searching and gathering information to do their jobs effectively – that’s almost 20% of operational time.  A modern digital workplace offers healthcare organisations centralised access to all files, documents, web links and other rich media from any device, regardless of the user’s location.

Increased Knowledge Sharing

Healthcare enterprises leverage the knowledge and experience of retiring physicians, clinicians and administrators through documenting their knowledge into management systems, allowing current employees and new hires to easily access.

Trust Building

With global cybercrime damage expected to reach $6 trillion annually by 2021, maintaining enterprise-grade security of a doctor’s practice or hospital assets, as well as confidential patient data, is critical. Cloud-enabled technologies allow healthcare workers to securely store, edit and share sensitive patient data monitored with permission criteria to prevent compromise. This capability can also connect a modern blended workforce with employees’ expectations and priorities in mind.

Paper Reduction

Healthcare organisations can save thousands of dollars per by switching to digital document management, reducing additional costs for printing, storing, machine and waste maintenance and filing. Employees can increase time efficiency of filing, retrieval and workflow by 20%, saving potentially thousands of hours annually.

But, it’s not just about technology— it’s about the people. Working with you and your team we empower users to embrace these new ways of working and deliver benefits to the wider organisation.

  • Create a more agile workforce that can access business applications from any device, any time, any place
  • All-inclusive per user per month charging with full 24x7 service desk support
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Spark Health provides solutions that enable you to collaborate and communicate with your colleagues, team, organisation or practice wherever they are.
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