Build your virtual health team

Use the power of online connectivity to extend your health team to include anyone from anywhere.
New Zealand has some unique challenges compared with the rest of the world, with remote areas covered by a relatively small health workforce, servicing diverse health needs.

Healthcare is a team sport, and no good team can function without seamless collaboration.

By using the power of online connectivity you can extend participation in your health team to include anyone from anywhere.  Health providers can share ideas, contribute to projects and tap into specific knowledge and expertise to provide better care for their patients and the community.

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Team based care
Improve patient outcomes through team based care
Remote team
Build the right team regardless of their location
Increase staff engagement
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How we can help build your virtual health team.

Seamless collaboration experience

We partner with the leaders in collaboration experiences to select the right solution for your team and your environment. Our personal and room based systems empower people and teams  to collaborate and effectively work together as if they were sitting face to face.

Our expertise in integration between platforms means we can help you to achieve a seamless collaboration experience, while protecting your existing technology investments.

Seamless collaboration

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