Bring healthcare right to the patient

Leverage our selection of tools to improve access to healthcare in remote areas.
This year, we have seen massive changes to how patients are cared for and where providers work from, yet this virtual health is mainly focused on telephone and video conferencing.

Virtual Health can be more than just replacing physical visits with virtual consultsit can increase access to healthcare across the board which is especially important in New Zealand’s regional and rural locations.  With Spark Health’s tools you can deliver virtual health in ways that increase efficiency while making it easier for patients to consult with their healthcare professional.

Using one platform and plugging in other solutions from our Digitise and Transform offerings, you can configure your own framework to improve performance, security and lower cost.

At a glance
Connect from anywhere
Patients can connect from any device from anywhere to your exam room - or anywhere you choose to be!
Safe & secure hosting
Safe and Secure options for hosting right here in New Zealand
Integrates seamlessly
Integrates with existing video conferencing solutions
24/7 Support
24/7 New Zealand based support - backed by Spark
Seamless Virtual health
Delivering ease of use direct to your patient

Virtual health

Seamless Virtual Health

Our offerings are designed to make virtual health seamless to the patient and the clinician. Delivered securely from New Zealand with local 24/7 support you can rest assured that you are well supported with the backing and assurance of Spark.

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