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There are mounting pressures on pharmacies today, the COVID pandemic has moved a lot of consumers to purchase online, do telehealth consults rather than go into their GP practice or pharmacy for advice and with tougher times financially, look online for the cheapest price.

Pharmacies need to redefine their place in the patient journey. The successful pharmacy of the future will be one that embraces technology to improve the patient experience. Spark Health have a range of solutions that can help start to bring the future of pharmacy into your business today.

Recent research shows that 60% of customers are currently not loyal to a particular pharmacy, despite loyalty cards and other incentives. However, research also shows that pharmacists often lead the pack in terms of patient trust.

Published in 2019, the “NHS Long Term Plan” for the future included the need for pharmacists to employ digital technology to improve their services and better interact with patients. This all points to a space that is ready for ‘disruption’ a pharmacy that uses digital solutions to improve how customers navigate their stores and interact with their staff.

The human element is the forefront of the future of pharmacies, Spark Health are here to help improve and solve logistical challenges to help the human pharmacy staff be the forefront of your business.

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At a glance
Free your staff from the counter and empower them to be with your customer.
Engage with your customers using audio that represents you and your offerings.
Improve customer experience with digital signage and interactive kiosks to enhance the customer journey for their healthcare needs.
Optimise your pharmacy with video analytics. Track customer numbers and their movement, optimize the store layout whilst preventing loss and increasing staff safety.
Personalise the customer experience with private consultation booths for virtual consultation.
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