Fast Track Your Future Business Transformation with the Cloud: A Guide for Health Leaders


As New Zealanders, our expectations as consumers and the rapid evolution of digitally-enabled healthcare are driving the demand for business and technological transformation for health and wellness organisations. These organisations include national care providers, pharmaceutical, life sciences, primary care, community care and hospital care across the public and private sectors.

The possibilities and promise that digital services can offer the health and wellness sector are limitless, however implementing a modern digital strategy that includes cloud transformation can be fraught with unexpected challenges and difficulties.

This e-book is designed to educate healthcare business leaders on the benefits of transforming their business unit through digitisation and public cloud transformation.

In this e-book, you will learn:

  • The New Zealand healthcare digital state-of-play;
  • Common benefits of moving healthcare organisations to the cloud;
  • Challenges in moving to the cloud specific to the healthcare sector;
  • Key components of a successful cloud migration for the healthcare sector;
  • How to assess your organisation for cloud readiness covering perspectives from Financial, Governance, and Strategy and Architecture.
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