We empower your organisation to transform through people, process, technology and rich data. We connect the legacy to the modern enabling new innovation opportunities and unleashing your data to deliver new insights and strategies that benefit your organisation and the patients that we serve.

Transformation that embraces people, process, technology and data to drive innovation

With the Spark Health Transform solutions we enable true cloud adoption in heath – the health environment is unique – we know and understand through the pedigree and experience of our dedicated Health whanau. We work with you to deliver outcomes – we empower your team to embrace new cloud solutions to bring legacy into the modern world or simply connect to it to deliver new innovation. Transformation in health isn’t just about the technology – its about the people and the processes.

"There’s nothing we can’t do in the cloud – there are no limitations here. It’s nice to be able to turn on new services to eliminate manual processes."
Harry Hawke
Manager, Webtools Health
"This collaboration between industry partners, the sector and NIHI is the way forward for driving sustainable sector innovation."
John Herries
Head of Emerging Technologies, Ministry of Health
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